Fantastic Fest Interviews 2017

Photo Credit: Arnold Wells

Welcome to The Green Screen of Death. We’re proud to present a series of interviews with friends Adrian has made at Fantastic Fest over the years. This year we made a conscious effort to mix it up. Under ideal circumstances we would have interviewed all of our friends. We hope you enjoy! We have included timestamps below as well as a link to each person’s twitter account.

0:00 – Intro

0:30 – Emily Sears @emily_dawn

5:15 – Jim Puliafico @jjpoutwest

13:35 – Annick Mahnert @amahnert

21:30 – Jay Hawkinson @sleestakk

26:40 – Heather Wixson @thehorrorchick

37:33 – Rob Hunter @FakeRobHunter