Fantastic Fest Interviews 2017

Photo Credit: Arnold Wells

Welcome to The Green Screen of Death. We’re proud to present a series of interviews with friends Adrian has made at Fantastic Fest over the years. This year we made a conscious effort to mix it up. Under ideal circumstances we would have interviewed all of our friends. We hope you enjoy! We have included timestamps below as well as a link to each person’s twitter account.

0:00 – Intro

0:30 – Emily Sears @emily_dawn

5:15 – Jim Puliafico @jjpoutwest

13:35 – Annick Mahnert @amahnert

21:30 – Jay Hawkinson @sleestakk

26:40 – Heather Wixson @thehorrorchick

37:33 – Rob Hunter @FakeRobHunter

Fantastic Fest Interviews 2016

Welcome to The Green Screen of Death! Thank you for checking out this special episode where I interviewed some friends during Fantastic Fest 2016. The goal of these interviews is to capture favorite moments, get peopled hyped for the festival, and to make others jealous! =p Big thanks to: Alex Spivey, Gray Whitten, Brendan Foley, Jonnie Chang, Tyler Mager, Alan Cerny. Twitter profiles and timestamps below! Please note the links in the notes below, check out their work and check out the movie Tyler edited, it’s a FREE movie!

0:00 – Intro

0:50 – Alex Spivey

5:06 – Gray Whitten Gray’s ATLegOH! Blog

9:35 – Brendan Foley Cinapse

13:58 – Jonnie Chang Top 5 Film Podcast

21:23 – Tyler Mager “My Name is Jordan” Edited by Tyler (FREE MOVIE!)

31:38 – Alan Cerny