Fuck The Oscars Part II

Welcome to The Green Screen of Death! The people have spoken and we’re here to talk about the 2017 Oscars show. We’re anti-Oscars, but they managed to get a lot right this year. There’s much room for improvement, however. Find out why we hate the Oscars, our reactions to certain winners and losers, and an in-depth discussion of Emma Stone Cat.

4 – Fuck the Oscars

Fuck the Oscars

This is our first and only Oscars podcast. It’s a high school popularity contest where the richest producers decide the outcome. Find out why we loathe the Oscars and we reluctantly cast our votes. We apologize for the lack of enthusiasm! We will never do this again!!

Please check out the stuff near the end where we talk about important things like “Grand Piano,” a film worth tracking down On Demand.

-Adrian and Bill

Opening Song “I Left My Wallet in El Segundo” – A Tribe Called Quest
Closing Song “Fare Thee Well (Dink’s Song) – Oscar Isaac – Inside Llewyn Davis