Misplaced Rage Over Wind River

Last week I read a series of tweets from a woman who had harsh words for a First Nations publication for offering a positive review of the movie, Wind River. I will not name this woman because I’m not here to bring any more attention than she deserves – her Twitter account is also protected, so nobody reading this can read her tweets. In a series of tweets she expressed anger over the depiction of rape in the movie – a young First Nations woman gets raped, and it is an upsetting scene. This woman attacked the publication with much fury, and questioned if the reviewer watched a shortened version of the trailer. Here’s the irony in her rant, she admitted that she didn’t even watch the movie. Continue reading “Misplaced Rage Over Wind River”

Turn Off Your Phone

I noticed a blogger posting early thoughts of a movie he/she was reviewing, while watching the movie. I replied, urging this person to put the phone down and watch the movie uninterrupted. The person told me how they paused the movie to post the tweet – this person also told me that the movie was paused so that he/she can respond to me. We exchanged a few messages, where I informed this person that I was affecting their experience with the movie. How can this person write a proper review if they are stopping and starting the movie constantly? The movie cannot be that enjoyable if this person gives priority to a notification on their phone. I’m being vague with identifying this person for a few reasons: This is not a witch-hunt, I don’t care to give that website any traffic, and nobody should read anything that person writes.
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Top 10 Cries of 2016

If you listen to the podcast, or have watched a movie with me – you are well aware that I cry while watching movies. The tears flow for varying reasons: maybe I’m vibing with the filmmaker and feel like he/she/them is speaking to me, maybe I can relate to what is happening on-screen, perhaps I feel for the characters and they’re going through a tough time. There are numerous reasons why I let my emotions go – the main reason is that it’s healthy to express my emotions. Two years ago I wept during the credits for M. Night Shyamalan’s “The Visit” because I felt so much joy from watching a terrific film from a filmmaker I thought was finished. For several years I felt betrayed by the decline in M. Night’s films, but The Visit gave me great hope that he will emerge as a good filmmaker – I’m happy to report his latest film Split is a fine return to form.

While forming my list of Top 10 films of 2016, I realized how many of the films moved me. This is no indicator of my Top 10 list which we’ll be listing on our podcast in the coming days. Each write-up may wander into spoiler territory, so avert your eyes if you have not seen these films: Jackie, Green Room, Too Late, Loving, Moonlight, Kubo and the Two Strings, Swiss Army Man, Arrival, The Red Turtle, and Cameraperson.
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Gems of 2016

Over the next month or so, the internet will be littered with “Best of 2016” lists. As of this writing, some lists are already published. It’s important to remember the other greats films that will be less popular or absent from these lists. It does not make these films any less valuable. How can you put a value on art? Give it a trophy? Get that talk out of here! 2016 has been a terrific year for films. Here is a small selection of films you should watch before finalizing your Best of 2016 list.
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