5 – The Green Screen Strikes Back

After a three weeek hiatus we return to you to talk about films. Lots of films! Some great, some bad, some in between.

In-House Announcements! We’re on iTunes!! https://itunes.apple.com/ca/podcast/the-green-screen-of-death/id835797899

We have a Twitter account for the show! @TheGreen_Screen https://twitter.com/TheGreen_Screen

As mentioned previously we have a lot of ground to cover! Here is a breakdown of the show:

0:01-4:45 – Introductions, announcements, twitter

4:36-9:10 – “The 60 Second Rant”

9:11-10:10 – Titanfall, Southpark Video Game, Game of Thrones

10:11-12:00 – Let’s talk about movies, semi-rant and day-trips to Vancouver

12:01-24:00 – Nymphomaniac Vol I+II

24:01-26:10 – The Grand Budapest Hotel

26:11-28:50 – Muppets Most Wanted and Monsters University Short

28:51-38:35 – The Wind Rises (Subbed)

38:36-43:49 – Need for Speed

43:50-46:54 – Tim’s Vermeer

46:55-49-59 – Veronica Mars

49:50-55:28 – Enemy, Grand Piano, Cheap Thrills

Cheap Thrills – http://cheapthrillsmovie.com/
Cineplex Sinister Cinema Series screens Cheap Thrills March 27 http://www.cineplex.com/Events/SinisterCinema/ParticipatingTheatres

55:29-1:11:28 – Upcoming movies we’re seeing soon! Divergent, Jodorowsky’s Dune, Noah, Sabotage, The Raid: Berendal, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Under the Skin, Afflicted, Blue Ruin, The Unknown Known

1:11:29 Closure

Opening Track – “A Journey” (A Dream of Flight)

Closing Track: “A Journey” (A Parting)