27 – Witness Mad Max: Fury Road

Welcome to episode 27! Sorry for the delay, we had some serious technical issues! We hope you like it, sorry if our enthusiasm fizzled, hard to stay excited when we recorded the same show three times. =(

0:00 – Intro
5:55 – The Rant
8:50 – Review – Montage of Heck
17:35 – Review: Ex Machina
24:50 – Review: Mad Max: Fury Road
32:15 – Movie Club #3 – Breaking the Waves
43:36 – Lightning Reviews: Roar, While We’re Young, Adult Beginners, Preggoland, Star Wars Original Trilogy, Mad Max, The Road Warrior, Pitch Perfect 2, Avengers 2, Infini, Kumiko: The Treasure Hunter, World of Tomorrow, Age of Adaline
1:00:25 – Upcoming films
1:04:00 – Closure – @soundjam69 @Adrian_Charlie @TheGreen_Screen – Subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher, Tunein Radio. Throw us a like, comment and subscribe!

26 – Furious Family Gets Unfriended

Welcome to The Green Screen of Death! We talk about a lot of stuff in this episode! Star Wars The Force Awakens Teaser, footy, hockey, and of course a lot of movies. We review: Furious 7, Unfriended and Going Clear. We also include our first Movie Club film, The Best of Youth. Our next Movie Club title is Breaking the Waves. Format below!

0:00 – Intro (Hockey, Footy, Star Wars Teaser, New iPhone)
10:55 – The Rant (Bill rants about Star Wars Special Editions on Digital. Adrian rants about over sensitivity on social media)
19:07 – Adrian gives Bill a present
23:00 – Review: Furious 7
36:20 – Review: Unfriended
45:30 – Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief
54:32 – Movie Club Film #1: The Best of Youth – Thanks for joining us Jim! @jjpoutwest – Next show we’ll talk Breaking the Waves
1:09:23 – Lightning Round: Hot Tub Time Machine 2, Accidental Love “It’s the worst film of the year”, Lost River, The Sisterhood of Night, The Longest Ride, Danny Collins, Woman in Gold
1:16:48 – Upcoming films
1:22:20 – Closure

25 – Adrian Lost His Glass Slipper at SXSW

Welcome back everyone! Adrian attended SXSW. We watched a bunch of movies and review them here!
Format below

00:00 – Intro with banter, SXSW talk, footy and hockey
13:30 – The Rant
20:00 – Review: Cinderella
29:30 – Review: Get Hard
37:00 – Review: Spring
46:05 – The Green Screen of Death Movie Club – First film: The Best of Youth
52:00 – SXSW Tips/Advice and cool story (Spoiler: Adrian met Joshua Oppenheimer)
1:01:40 – SXSW Top Ten – Knock Knock, It’s Tig Notaro – Twinsters, Deep Web, Hello, My Name is Doris, A Brave Heart: The Lizzie Velasquez Story, Montage of Heck, The Invitation, Manglehorn, A Space Program, Ex Machina
1:25:18 – Bill’s Lightning Round: Run All Night, The Gunman, The Duff, Roar, Night Will Fall, Insurgent, Hillsborough, Home
1:33:25 – Upcoming films
1:38:05 – Closure

24 – Bill the Bandit

Hi everyone,

Welcome back to the show! Format below
0:00 – Intro
5:55 – The Rant
15:00 – Review: Focus
22:30 – Review: Unfinished Business
29:40 – Review: Chappie
40:18 – Lightning Reviews: The Lazurus Effect, The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, Faults, Harmontown, Sherlock Jr
51:35 – The Green Screen of Death Movie Club! (and lightning review of The Duff)
57:10 – Upcoming films
1:07:00 – Closure

24 Hour Movie Marathon

Hello everyone!

We attended a 24 Hour Movie Marathon at The Cinematheque in Vancouver (http://www.thecinematheque.ca/). It’s a hell of an experience, we recommend you check it out. Head’s up, some recordings are very brief as time between screenings was limited. For a list of films we watched (in order) see the list below:
1. Groundhog Day 2. La Jetee 3. Rope 4. Before Sunset 5. Memento 6. The Girl Who Leapt Through Time 7. Primer 8. Orlando 9. A Brief History of Time 10. Run Lola Run 11. The Killing 12. Army of Darkness 13. Peggy Sue Got Married 14. Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure 15. High Noon


23 – Fifty Shades of Jupiter Ascending

Welcome to Episode 23! We get back into main reviews and also cover Victoria Film Festival. Format below:

0:00 – Intro and non-movie talk
7:05 – The Rant
11:15 – Review: Jupiter Ascending
20:50 – Review: Fifty Shades of Grey
29:50 – Review: Kingsman: The Secret Service
39:10 – Victoria Film Festival – Top 5 Films (Spoiler)The Look of Silence is by far our Top Pick
1:08:45 – Lightning Round
1:13:35 – Upcoming films
1:21:40 – Closure

21 – The Definitive Top Films of 2014

In which we discuss our Top 10 films of 2014 and also discuss our films we ranked from 11-20. What a great year in film! We also choose films that flew under the radar and need more love. The audio is slightly off but Adrian did what he could to restore it. Thank you so much for checking us out. This marks 1 year of The Green Screen of Death. We’re here to stay, we hope you stick with us. Cheers!

20 – The Battle of the Two Podcasters

Welcome to our final show of 2014! Hard to believe we’re nearly at the one year mark! Thanks for checking us out. We hope you stick around. Be sure to subscribe/comment/like on iTunes, Stitcher and TuneIn Radio. Format below:

0:00 – Intro
9:22 – The 60 Second Rant
17:11 – Review: Citizenfour
24:50 – Review: The Imitation Game
31:22 – Review: The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies
48:05 – Lightning Round: The Skeleton Twins, Unbroken, Ida, Exodus Gods and Kings, Foxcatcher, Only Lovers Left Alive, Burt’s Buzz, Edge of Tomorrow, Guardians of the Galaxy (Blu-Ray)
1:01:25 – Upcoming films
1:05:11 – Closure

19 – Whistler Film Fest

Welcome back! We’re here to talk Whistler Film Festival 2014 #wff14 We had a blast at the festival as usual. Bill has been 5-6 times and Adrian has attended twice. We hope to put some good movies and bad movies on your radar. Spoiler alert, few Canadian films were loved by us.

*Amendment* We joined the After the Credits crew for some podcast action. They’re the folks responsible for the startup of our podcast! We highly suggest you check ’em out and listen to the “Joint Podcast” episode for Whistler Film Festival – download link here

The 60 Second Rant
Top 5 Picks of the Festival
Worst 3 Films of the Festival