3 – VFF Recap, Recent Films, Stars on the Rise

Hello friends!

Thank you for checking out The Green Screen of Death. We survived the 20th Annual Victoria Film Festival. We discuss our Top 5 films of the festival and talk about the worst. It feels good to talk about films we love but it also feels good to vent about the bad films we watched.

We also get into recent films we’ve seen such as: Vampire Academy, The Lego Movie, Monuments Men and Robocop.

Both of us are also disappointed with the current state of VOD (Video on Demand) in Canada. Bill has some passionate words to share about the films we miss here in Canada.

We also introduce a new segment to the show: Stars on the Rise and Stars on the Decline. Each of us present one of each.

Thanks again for listening!!

Opening song – “Kix” Beatdown Productions
Closing song – “Gypsy Heart” Rival Sons